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Sports Nutrition

Canadians of all ages are more physically active today compared to just a few years ago. Aside from heredity and training of the body and mind, no single factor influences athletic performance more than diet.

The ideal diet for an athlete should be high in carbohydrates, low in fat and moderate in protein.

This can be achieved by enjoying a wide variety of foods: emphasizing whole grain products, fruits and vegetables and by choosing lower fat dairy products, leaner meats and foods prepared with little or no fat.

If you eat out often order healthier choices such as whole grain breads or bagels for sandwiches; meals featuring vegetables such as stir fries, dark leafy green salads with dressing served on the side, vegetable based soups and pasta sauces; fruit salads and yogurt smoothies; bean or lentil dishes; meat or fish that are grilled or broiled instead of deep-fried.

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