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Canada has a new system for providing nutrition information on food labels. Most prepackaged foods now have Nutrition Facts panels on the label. This is designed so that nutrition information is easier to find and easier to read.

Some products also carry Nutrition Claims. Most nutrition claims highlight a specific nutrient in a food, such as fat or fibre. These types of nutrition claims are referred to specifically as nutrient content claims. Some nutrition claims reinforce the role of healthy eating as part of a lifestyle that can reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease, such as heart disease or cancer. These types of nutrition claims are referred to specifically as diet-related health claims.

With effective education, the widespread availability of nutrition information on food labels offers a significant opportunity to improve the nutritional health and well-being of Canadians. The new nutrition information on food labels provides an opportunity to take a fresh approach to healthy eating messages and nutrition programs.

Remember also that all food packages must include a list of ingredients by weight, from most to least (those with the most weight are listed first). This list is an important source of allergy information.

A weekly meal plan can help you get organized, cut down on trips to the store, and reduce reliance on take-out or delivered foods. Get other family members involved in the planning, shopping, preparation and clean-up.

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