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Take the Test - 12 questions
  1. It is estimated that there are over 400 different types or varieties of edible beans grown throughout the world. True or False?

  2. White beans have been grown near London, Ontario for over 100 years. True or False?

  3. Beans take more energy to grow than most other crops. True or False?

  4. Although Canadians continue to eat large quantities of beans, less than one quarter of our crop stays in Canada. True or False?

  5. Every year there is a local Bean Festival held in the following town:

  6. When buying dry beans which qualities do you look for?

  7. It is not necessary to soak dry beans prior to cooking. True or False?

  8. It is necessary to have a large enough sauce pan to cook dry beans as they can double their size during cooking. True or False?

  9. White beans have an excellent source of fibre and a low glycemic index. True or False?

  10. White beans are high in fat, low in protein and not a good source of folate. True or False?

  11. Eating white beans can play a role in keeping you energized and reduce your hunger throughout the day. True or False?

  12. Consuming white beans on a regular basis may reduce the risks of developing some chronic conditions such as diabetes. True or False?

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