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Accommodating Dietary Needs

Over the years, Residence Dining has accommodated countless students with food allergies and/or intolerances. A very extensive six-week residence menu rotation, which can be viewed online, ensures that all students have their nutritional needs met. Daily menus are posted online as well as at the entrance to each dining room, and list major ingredients used in all our hot entrees and side dishes.

For students with severe allergies, it is strongly recommended that they introduce themselves to the Unit Manager in their residence. For the first few weeks in September, it is imperative that the student work closely with our Residence Dining staff. They have been trained in safe food handling and know the importance of food safety in the prevention of cross-contamination as well as the possible complications that can arise when a food allergen is consumed by a person with an allergy.

Our Nutrition Manager is s also available to help students during these potentially challenging first few weeks of school. For students with severe allergies, it is strongly recommended that they contact the Nutrition Manager prior to their arrival in September. Meeting times can be scheduled with the Nutrition Manager over the summer in an effort to become familiar with our food allergy accommodation policies. Meetings can also be scheduled for move in week with students, parents, and key leaders within the residence operations.

These are all arrangements that should be made in advance with the Hospitality Services Nutrition Manager, Anne Zok (519 661-3855).

We also recommend that all students with food allergies/intolerances complete a Food Allergy Emergency Plan Form. Once completed and returned to us, this form is posted in the kitchen area, out of public view. We have found the Food Allergy Emergency Plan Form to be a very effective communication tool enabling our staff to more effectively meet the special dietary needs of our students.

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